Most people dream about having a beautiful looking home with surroundings that reveal friendly and welcoming atmosphere. And while some of them manage to keep their garden and lawn alive and fresh, others don`t do very well. Knowing that the look of your home can affect what your friends or neighbors think about you, but also affect how you feel, it`s probably time to do something about it. We all know that people are very busy today and most of them don;t have enough time for lawn maintaining and gardening
Lets start from the lawn. In case you live in a low water area, want to save your back and money, or just want to spend your time doing something else, there`s a solution for you. Fake grass, otherwise known as artificial grass. This type of grass is very applicable for home conditions and can solve many landscaping problems. Fake grass is very popular alternative for: lawns, play areas, rooftops, pool surrounds, commercial areas, balconies, etc. Advantages of fake grass are:
• There is no need for watering, weeding, fertilizing or cutting real grass.
• Your water bills are way much lower.
• It won`t get affected by weather conditions.
• It`s not affected by high traffic.
• Cheaper than the real grass.
• This kind of grass is environmentally friendly.
• It`s very easy to clean.
WarringtonIt`s very important to talk to your installer and to ask for some recommendations if you`re planing to do it yourself on some small areas, but for bigger spaces definitely hire a professional. DGD Landscape can provide you both advice and the service itself. You will get a natural looking lawn, very suitable for children or pets, it will last for years, and you won`t pay too much for it.
Of course, lawn is not the only thing to think about. What about the rest of your home exterior? Well, that is not something you should worry about. DGD Landscapes can provide you many landscape services:
• Garden maintenance
• Patio design
• Garden fencing and fence repairs
• Water features and pond constructions
• Outdoor garden lighting
• Garden sheds
• And, of course, artificial grass.
As you can see, landscape design induces many things to think about:
• What kind of design style do you want for your garden: cottage, traditional, contemporary or county?
• Will you have a specific area for relaxing, hosting friends, or practicing some hobby? Think about what kind of colors, textures and patterns do you like most for your patio design.
• In case you want a natural lawn, you need to know what seed is the best, when and how to apply pesticides, insecticides or food for your lawn.
• Also think about a deck with a fire pit, outdoor fireplace, pergola, raised bed, walkway, etc.
You might get confused with so many choices, but keep in mind that, with the help of the professionals, you can have a garden that will look exactly like the one you dreamed about. That way you will show your creativity, personality and make a positive impact on your visitors, neighbors, or some random people.

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