Working Tax Credit – What You Get and Why It May Change

If you meet the criteria for eligibility you can apply for Working Tax Credit and upon successful completion you start getting your benefits.

How to Apply

To apply you just fill in a claim form which can be ordered for online or you can call the Tax Credit Office for the same. The form may take up to two weeks to arrive to you and five weeks to process your claim. When you call the Tax Credit Office you will be asked to give some of your details which can be used to ascertain if you are eligible and how much you can get. When asked for such details always give the correct information as giving wrong information can lead to a fine. You can claim when you start a new job or 7 days before you start a new job if you are on other benefits.

Can self employed persons apply?

Yes. The benefits are available for workers, employed and self employed persons. If you are self employed then the business should be regular and having all business records like invoices. The business should also be registered. There could also be need for you to provide evidence that you have tried to promote your business through advertising it. You may also be required to provide your business plan to show what your prospects for the business are in the near or not so near future.

What you get

When your claim goes through then you are able to get the benefits as a basic amount and extras. The amount depends on your situation so it is different for many people. If you are a couple and you apply together you will get up to £2,010 in a year. If you have a disability you get £2,970 a year and you get £1,275 a year on top of your disability payment if you have a severe disability. If you pay for approved child care then you get up to £122.50 a week for one child or £210 a week for two or more children. If you are a single parent you get £2,010 a year and if you are able to work at least 30 hours a week you get up to £810 a year. The monies are paid directly into your bank account or other recognized financial institutions.

What can change how much you get?

What you get changes if and when your current situations change. For example, if you are laid off work or if you start a new job then your Working Tax Credit will also change. If your partner dies also this can affect what you get. Such changes as these should be reported to the Tax Credit Office as soon as possible so that they can effect the changes necessary.


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